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Tanning Salons

The one thing most people think of when they hear the words tanning salon is that it is a place where people get tanned. While that is entirely true, tanning salons offer an array of services and it’s best to know what to expect. It is a highly competitive industry which aims to not only please customers but to also ensure that they continue to come back. The days of mom and pop tanning salons are fading and now there are highly sophisticated establishments with the latest in hi-tech tanning equipment. Tanning salon franchises such as Planet Beach, Beach Bum, Hollywood Tans, Desert Sun Tanning Studios and Darque Tan to name a few are in major cities. These powerhouses are catering to and enticing tan lovers all over the country. They want your business and each one promises to be the best. But which are the best of the best and which give their customers a satisfying experience and memorable tan?

The answer to that question will depend on the type of tan you prefer and also any extra beauty care you may want. Upscale tanning salons offer more than just tanning, they offer massages, facials, complete skin care packages as well as relaxation services such as saunas. These wellness services compliment their primary goal of giving a person the best tan possible. Your choices in high end salons will include every tanning method whether you prefer tanning beds, spray booths, UV free tanning or the latest high pressure tanning. You can say such salons offer the complete package and you will be hard pressed to leave before or after a tan. Tanning salons have become a retreat for many people who lead hectic lifestyles.

They go to these salons for a lovely tan as well as to relax and to get away from it all. A place to recharge your energy, get beautiful vibrant tan skin, and enjoy getting pampered by methods that use advanced therapeutic devices. Surely you probably read about the tit for tat between the FTC that demonizes indoor tanning and ITA that promotes the industry. Somewhere in the middle is the truth, while true everyday uv tanning of any variation is unhealthy, pampering yourself shouldn’t always be about getting on a tanning bed. There are abundant ways to enjoy, rejuvenate and recharge your vigor when visiting a tanning salon and many of them are sunless.

Tanning Salon Choices

There are more traditional tanning salons as well and these are the ones that only offer tanning services and nothing else. This might very well be the kind of salon you want. Below is a list of the most popular tanning salons in America. We’ll describe what you can expect by visiting each particular franchise.

  • Planet Beach in their own words is a contemporary spa and can be found in many major cities. They do it all, whether you want to relax with massage treatments, get tanned in every way imaginable, or enjoy their hydration and rejuvenation treatments that will bring your skin back to life.
  • Beach Bum tanning is a great place for a tan and a little TLC if you live in the Northeast. They give their customers great customized UV and sunless tans using the best equipment. They’ll even tend to your beauty needs whether it’s airbrush makeup or packages that use their Omnilux Light Therapy.
  • Desert Sun tanning salons are spread across on the west coast and specialize in tanning and skin care. They offer monthly and annual memberships, but if you simply want to get tanned in one of their advanced tanning beds, then just pay them a visit.
  • Hollywood Tans the name says it all, if you want to have a fabulous celebrity tan then that won’t be a problem with their tanetics options. You can customize the tan that you want with their tan adviser. You also don’t have to live in Hollywood to get their great tans because they have tanning salons in practically every state.
  • Darque Tan the luxury in tanning, their ads read. They have personal consultants to help you decide on the type and shade of tan you want. They also have a children’s area so parents can enjoy getting tanned while their kids are in the Kids Zone. It’s a tanning salon that offers convenience and their monthly pricing schemes are reasonable and attractive.

There are more tanning centers and there might be some pretty good ones in your own neighborhood. The ones we listed are franchises that have developed a good reputation for giving their customers a good and professional tan. More importantly they are well maintained and keep their equipment nice and clean. You will eventually understand that comfort, satisfaction and prices are what is most important and as a paying customer you should be satisfied. A tanning salon that fails in making their clients feel comfortable or offers poor service should be avoided. These businesses are competing for your attention so make sure to patronize the tanning salon that makes you happy.