Spray Tan

Sun tanning has been receiving a lot of negative press and is blamed for melanoma and other skin ailments. This has driven people to sunless fake tans, a safer alternative to tanning the skin. Spray tanning was once relegated to tanning salons and applied either by an airbrush or inside a booth. Now however there are many products that you can use to apply a spray tan in your own home. These products range from simple mists sold in aerosol cans to more elaborate kits that come with an airbrush, compressor and tanning solution.

Spray tanning has developed so well that you can decide on the shade of skin you want, whether it’s bronze or a fashionable reddish skin tone. Achieving a sunless tan all starts with dihydroxyacetone an ingredient commonly called DHA. First introduced in the 1960s by Coppertone, DHA has come a long way since then. It is much more effective today and doesn’t have the negative after effects such as orange skin streaking that plagued it when it was first introduced. DHA is also approved by the FDA and spray tanning is marketed as a safe way to looking tanned without actually getting a tan.

spraytan1The most convenient way to get a spray tan initially is to take a visit to a tanning salon, and you will be offered a tan by airbrush or booth. They are both effective but the airbrush technique is more personal and more detailed. While inside a booth your entire body from face to toes will be sprayed by a mist, usually with a solution that darkens your skin to the level you want. An airbrush is applied by a technician who will focus more on your body giving you a more complete and even tan. Either way your body will essentially be painted with a solution that will darken your dead skin cells. Some steps should be taken to ensure that your spray tan does not rub off or wear out prematurely.

Before and After Steps to Spectacular Spay Tan

  • Make sure that you have showered and dried several hours before applying a spray tan. This will get rid of any dirt that might prevent parts of your skin from darkening.
  • Do not use any makeup, perfume, cologne or any other cosmetics because the chemicals inside of them may interfere with the tanning solution.
  • Wear protective eye goggles to protect your eyes from the mist. Preventing the mist from entering your eyes and mouth is safer for you. The mist is safe when applied to your skin but can be harmful if it comes into contact with your eyes.
  • Wear very loose clothing after your spray tan session. Tight clothing will cause too much friction with your skin and you can possibly ruin your tan by rubbing out the color.
  • Remain inactive after you tan, you want the color to stabilize and stick to your skin. Excessive activity before the tan settles on your skin and might cause it to wear out.
  • Use natural skin moisturizer after your tan settles the following day, do so after washing your body but avoid moisturizers that have chemicals as they can negatively interact with your tan. Exfoliating products should be avoided because the DHA essentially colors your dead skin, and prematurely removing dead skin will make your tan fade.

A spray tan is an alternative to a sun tan and sunbeds but because it is fake you have to treat it differently from UV induced tans. You’ll come out with a perfect tan at an airbrush tanning salon, but with a little effort you can master using a self tanning spray and get just as great of a result.

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