Beach Bum Tanning Salon

Clean, professional, luxurious high quality tanning can pretty much sum up Beach Bum Tanning. It is a one stop franchise that caters to tanning and beauty needs. Their professionalism extends to every facet of their business. Certified tanning consultants, the latest in tanning equipment, an atmosphere that can please even the most demanding tanner is business as usual at Beach Bum Tanning Salons. Convenience is also one of their strong points too, and some of their branches are open 24 hours a day, so a beach bum tan is possible at all hours. It’s a tanning salon that continues to evolve providing customers with the latest trends in tanning.

What Makes Beach Bum Tanning Special?

Comprehensive service, high tech equipment and professional consultants is the core of Beach Bum Tanning. You can enjoy a customized tan in complete luxury with one of their packages. Their bronze package uses traditional tanning beds and their Diamond package uses the most advanced high pressure tanning beds. Laying on a tanning bed might not be your thing and with beach bum tanning you are covered because they have sunless spray booths as well as airbrush artists that are very experienced in sculpting a body beautifully with an airbrush. Your beauty needs will also be tended too if you so choose, whether it’s skin rejuvenation or teeth whitening. You’ll come out looking prettier and more attractive after a little visit to beach bum tanning salons.


Beach Bum Tanning offers customers several packages. Bronze package starts at $4 for one session, silver $6, gold $8, platinum $10, titanium $12 and their diamond package starts at $14 for one session. Specials and coupons are also offered and updated regularly. There is a student discount as well, so you may want to take advantage of that. New customers will be pleased with the deals they are given on their first visit, this is a courtesy that gives them a taste of the quality tans that beach bum tanning gives. Their prices are standard at most outlets with the exception of Manhattan where rates are higher.


Beach Bum franchises are located in New York (Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Staten Island) New Jersey, Connecticut and Virgina. Desert sun tanning is a good west coast equivalent for those not living on the east coast..

Final Word

Beach Bum Tanning is more than just a tanning salon it is a culture of people who desire beauty and beautiful bronze skin. Beach Bum is so popular that their gear is a hot commodity. Most indoor tanners want to conceal that they visited a tanning salon, customers of Beach Bum wear their t-shirts with the logo in pride. The prices are fair, and the quality is top notch, there is absolutely nothing not to like about beach bum tanning.

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