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Beach Bum Tanning Salon

Clean, professional, luxurious high quality tanning can pretty much sum up Beach Bum Tanning. It is a one stop franchise that caters to tanning and beauty needs. Their professionalism extends to every facet of their business. Certified tanning consultants, the latest in tanning equipment, an atmosphere that can please even the most demanding tanner is business as usual at Beach Bum Tanning Salons. Convenience is also one of their strong points too, and some of their branches are open 24 hours a day, so a beach bum tan is possible at all hours. It’s a tanning salon that continues to evolve providing customers with the latest trends in tanning.

What Makes Beach Bum Tanning Special?

Comprehensive service, high tech equipment and professional consultants is the core of Beach Bum Tanning. You can enjoy a customized tan in complete luxury with one of their packages. Their bronze package uses traditional tanning beds and their Diamond package uses the most advanced high pressure tanning beds. Laying on a tanning bed might not be your thing and with beach bum tanning you are covered because they have sunless spray booths as well as airbrush artists that are very experienced in sculpting a body beautifully with an airbrush. Your beauty needs will also be tended too if you so choose, whether it’s skin rejuvenation or teeth whitening. You’ll come out looking prettier and more attractive after a little visit to beach bum tanning salons.


Beach Bum Tanning offers customers several packages. Bronze package starts at $4 for one session, silver $6, gold $8, platinum $10, titanium $12 and their diamond package starts at $14 for one session. Specials and coupons are also offered and updated regularly. There is a student discount as well, so you may want to take advantage of that. New customers will be pleased with the deals they are given on their first visit, this is a courtesy that gives them a taste of the quality tans that beach bum tanning gives. Their prices are standard at most outlets with the exception of Manhattan where rates are higher.


Beach Bum franchises are located in New York (Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Staten Island) New Jersey, Connecticut and Virgina. Desert sun tanning is a good west coast equivalent for those not living on the east coast..

Final Word

Beach Bum Tanning is more than just a tanning salon it is a culture of people who desire beauty and beautiful bronze skin. Beach Bum is so popular that their gear is a hot commodity. Most indoor tanners want to conceal that they visited a tanning salon, customers of Beach Bum wear their t-shirts with the logo in pride. The prices are fair, and the quality is top notch, there is absolutely nothing not to like about beach bum tanning.

Planet Beach Tanning Salon

There are tanning salons and there is Planet Beach. It’s a hybrid between a spa and a tanning salon, a place to tan and a place to make your face and body look more beautiful. You might have reservations about visiting such a place when all you want is a tan. Give them one visit and judge for yourself, you will leave feeling more beautiful, and feeling much better about yourself. Their prices are affordable and that should further convince you try them out. Think about it you can get a great tan and also reinvigorate your body. Planet Beach is a treat and any person will be all smiles after enjoying the many treatments that they offer.

What’s Unique About Planet Beach Tanning

Planet Beach Tanning prides itself in a service that makes customers relax, glow and also renews them. It’s the total package aimed at pleasing customers completely. The ‘relax’ service consists of massage equipment that revitalizes the body. The relax services uses – hydro massaging, oxygen therapy, cyber relax chair, aqua massage, therasage and SpaTempo. This service can be a prelude to getting what a customer usually goes to a tanning salon for, and that is a magnificent tan. This is where the “glow” service that is fully automated uses the latest tanning equipment to give customers a memorable bronze tan. You can use a high pressure tanning bed, sunless spray booth, and even a standing tanning bed. The great thing is doesn’t stop there and it’s not called a contempo spa for nothing. Their renew service focuses on revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin. It provides everything from luminous facials to cleaning and exfoliating your skin. Planet beach tanning salon is a place that is much more than just a tanning salon it is a tanning salon/spa and you’ll be treated with their friendly and effective services.

Planet Beach Prices

New customers are invited to check out planet beach tanning with a free day at the spa pass. This guest pass will allow you to see the tanning salon first hand and you’ll be impressed enough that you’ll want to join. You might even want to think about taking them up on their membership offers. Tanning salon prices vary greatly and would be due to Planet Beach Tanning being located in many states, cities and even internationally. Pay them a visit and inquire about their costs.

Many Locations

Planet Beach Tanning Salons are located in many states throughout the USA. Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, California, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, North Carolina, Arizona are just a few of the states that their franchises are located.

A Great Tanning Salon/Spa

There are days when we just want to feel pampered, Planet Beach will not only make you feel relaxed they will send you home looking great. It’s a type of place to enjoy fully, so set some free time and visit them for a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Customers often return and it’s not a surprise because Planet Beach is so good that you might just get hooked to their tanning salons, which would be enjoyable.

Desert Sun Tanning Salon

Desert Sun has tanning salons throughout California and Washington state. They used to have salons in Oregon as well and they still do but under another name – Palm Beach Tan. It’s safe to say if you live in these two states then a salon is probably within distance from your home. Every tanning franchise tries very hard to stand out from the rest. Desert Sun does that and much more. They are serious about attracting new customers and also keeping the ones they have. Check out their website to get the latest monthly specials, simply print out the coupons and redeem them at participating desert sun tanning salons.
What To Expect For Desert Sun Tanning Experience
State of the art equipment is what you can expect with pricing that will fit any budget. Desert Sun tanning beds range from conventional tanning beds to medium pressure to super high pressure. Each salon also has Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Booth if you are more inclined to a UV free tanning session. Appointments are not necessary and if you frequent tanning salons then inquire about the availability of a monthly flat fee program. This should save you money if you are a tanning connoisseur. You can also expect a friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff that are more than willing to help you learn more about different tanning lotions. Their consultants will also recommend the best type of lotion for you and this is helpful especially when one is an absolute beginner.
Desert Sun are a bright star that are only getting brighter. As a customer you will be pleased with the service and equipment they have. If you are seeking employment then a position might be available to you. Franchise opportunities are also available if you are interested in starting a tanning salon business with them. If you live in the west coast give them a call at (425) 433-1900 for more information on how to become part of a winning franchise.

Tanning Beds

Indoor tanning is more mainstream than ever and tanning beds are the center of it. As controversial as they are they also bring hope to countless people seeking the next best thing to sun basking on the beach. The upward trend in tanning bed use extends beyond tanning salons. Home tanning beds are also becoming increasingly popular. The appreciation of feeling the warmth of the sun on your body in addition to a lovely tan during winter can only be replicated on a tanning bed. It’s a convenience because not everyone can spend their holidays tanning in a sun rich tropical island. This is just one instance where sunbeds can prove beneficial. Interest in a particular design should take into account whether they’ll be used for home use or for commercial purposes. We demystifies the complexities of tanning beds, simplifying any choice you make.

Main Tanning Bed Components

  • Design consists of a bench and canopy for conventional tanning beds, the prevailing and most popular style is the tunnel design. Standing tanning beds are vertical therefore the chassis is vertical rather than horizontal and a bench nor canopy is necessary.
  • UV Bulbs emit UV light and vary in wattage. Ordinarily 100 watts are used but stand up designs use 160 watts. High pressure tanning beds and high pressure facial tanners use 250w-2500 watt quartz lamps. The output is arbitrary but it is advisable to use the recommended watts for specific designs.
  • Acrylics are necessary for the efficient transmission of UV light and like UV lamps they must be changed after certain hourly use, usually between 1500-3000 hours.
  • Cooling consists of two kinds, internal cooling, which cools the tanning bed and body cooling which keeps the body cool when tanning on the bench. Body cooling is usually optional and comes standard with higher end designs.
  • Timers are either standard or digital. They basically keep track of session time as an hour counter that tracks UV lamp usage. The functions on some timers are very sophisticated while others are very limited.

Home Tanning Beds

Once regarded as a luxury for the affluent, home tanning beds are now affordable enough for ordinary citizens to have in their own homes. The cost is not the only justification, there is also the hygiene aspect as well as tanning in complete privacy. Savings is also an attraction, just think about the money you can save, money that otherwise would have been spent in a tanning salon. The main lure could very well be the quality, it is hard to distinguish a tanning bed that is designed for the home and one that is built for tanning salons. Residential tanning beds are designed to be plugged into any home electricity outlet. Simply plug them in without having to worry about special modifications to your home wiring. Ideal examples are sunquest tanning beds, they are reasonably priced, and are powerful enough to tan the entire body evenly bronze.

Commercial Tanning Beds

commercialtanningbedThe tanning beds you normally use at tanning salons are specially designed for commercial use. They are not simply low pressure but also medium pressure and high pressure. They usually have more tanning lamps, often not less than 32 100 watts bulbs, usually 16 on the canopy and 16 on the bench. Their cooling system is also more sophisticated and advanced and this is important because they are usually operated all day long. They also have other added options aimed at pleasing a diverse customer base. Special electrical wiring is also needed for most commercial designs, they are simply too powerful to be powered by ordinary 110-120V electricity. You can sum them up as being able to withstand heavier use.
This is vital to tanning business owners who rely on durable and dependable machines that are able to withstand the rigor of everyday use. Added options might include digital timers to keep track of customer use, UV lamps, acrylics and other important functions vital to operation. More high end designs even feature mp3 players with speakers, air conditioning cooling and of course high pressure facial and side arm tanners. The assortment of companies selling these kinds of commercial designs are Ergoline and Sundash, two well established companies that have been supplying tanning beds for many years.

High Pressure Tanning Beds

Some say these are the tanning beds of the future, whether this will materialize, remains to be seen. They are certainly cutting edge, and the main appeal of high pressure tanning beds is their ability to give you a faster tan that stays on much longer. This breakthrough in tanning bed technology is astounding to say the least. This feat is not without a heavy price, these machines are astronomically expensive and using them is also pricey, costing more than 4 times more than low pressure tanning beds. A marveling contrivance that uses extremely high wattage heraeus quartz tanning lamps, they are for now limited and time will tell if they will be the standard in tanning beds.

Stand Up Tanning Bed a.k.a UV Tanning Booth

Some like to lay down others like getting their tan standing up. That’s what this kind of design is all about. A tanning booth, might at first seem awkward, after all when we natural tan we’re laying on either our back or stomach. That’s the natural way, the point of this design is not what is natural, it is about efficiency and also about the most even tan you can get. A body tans evenly in an upright position more so than a body that is laying down on a bench. Aside from the vertical/horizontal difference everything else is identical, although the watts of UV lamps are significantly higher, reducing the time spent tanning.

Canopy Tanning Bed

Picture 059Does the limited space in your small apartment or studio prevent you from owing a tanning bed? Your answer might very well be a canopy tanning bed. Simple, easy to use and doesn’t take up too much space. Simply fold it in an upright position and store it in the corner of the room or even in a wall closet. Affordable and very effective in giving you a marvelous tan, just unfold whenever you feel like enjoying a tanning bliss session. Don’t let a small apartment get in the way of tanning in your own place. Don’t misunderstand just how powerful and effective it is, yes it only holds UV lamps in the canopy, but those are high quality wolff lamps, the same as ones in top quality conventional tanning beds.

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy using a tanning bed as long as you adhere to sensible use and moderation. It doesn’t make sense to lay on the beach sunbathing for an entire summer and it doesn’t make sense to use a tanning bed frequently. Countless documentation has been published detailing the risks of ultraviolet rays associated with indoor tanning. Understanding the risks involved with all forms of ultraviolet light is warranted. The intensity of UV radiation in tanning beds is much more intense than natural sun rays and educating yourself on how best to use a tanning bed and how often is good judgment that should be practiced by all indoor tanning enthusiasts.

Self Tanning

Give yourself a pat on the back if you are a self tanner. While indoor tanning has been embroiled with contention, heated debates and criticism, self tanning has risen to the top spared of contempt and condemnation facing tanning beds and tanning salons. It’s the rage, the salvation of tanning aficionados who for one reason or another swore off getting under ultraviolet light again. Hailed as the answer to replicating a natural tan in a totally sunless way. Self tanning delivers beautiful, lustrous, and glowingly bronze tans with consistency. It’s a two step process to self tan perfection, the first is the right product and the second is the right technique.

selftan1Self tanning is an art and we’ve detailed how to achieve a perfect fake tan. The allure of self tans is more than just beautiful tanned skin. The allure is that it is a good feeling way to tan, a tan that won’t traumatize your skin. Because sunless tanning is a pretense to natural sunbathing it is essential that you use the right self tanning product for the right occasion. A self tan can also be a bit like patchwork, it’s not necessary that you tan your complete body every day, if you are in a rush, simply self tan your face. Below is a useful list of all the means available used to produce natural like tans.

Self Tanning Options

Mastering self tanning will require that you try different products on your skin. Think of yourself as an artist, your hand the paintbrush and the self tanning product you choose as the paint. Your body and face, of course, will be the masterpiece.

  • Spray will work wonders but only if you can spray your entire body and most people can’t. Have someone help you spray parts of your body that you can’t reach, especially your back. Mist sprays are for people who have a little experience because spraying too much and not rubbing correctly can leave your skin blotchy and uneven.
  • Overnight Lotion is the most common self tan product that is used, it’s very effective and works fast. The problem is the odor that DHA can give off, so plan accordingly so your lovely gold skin is not overshadowed by the DHA odor. You can also darken your skin by using it incrementally each day after the initial application.
  • Slow Forming Self Tan Lotion is great if you have the time to develop a nice tan over a few days. What this kind of lotion does is it gradually builds your base tan. This is ideal for people who do not exactly know how to use a tanning lotion. Put it this way, it is hard to mess up with a gradual tanning lotion formula.
  • Self Tan Gel is great for the face especially if it is face based. Gels don’t have pungent odors like sprays and lotions, they also tend to cost the most too. A gel that is formulated for the face will also be gentler and for sensitive skin this is greatly beneficial.
  • Self Tan Mousse dries very quickly and as a result you get an instant tan. You can see the color develop on your skin right before your eyes. It is aerosol free, no oil and if you want the quickest tan possible give an instant mousse a try. You can also use a gradual tan mousse if you want your tan to develop gradually.
  • Foam is water based, won’t clog your pores and works slowly and is very effective in giving your body a nice dark tan. You have to be careful with foam because it doesn’t dry as quickly as mouse and you can make a mess of things if you ignore this.
  • Towelettes are convenient, handy and easy to use. Two or three are more than enough to tan the whole body and what can beat such ease when all you have to do is wipe your body with them. The color should last a few days on your body before you have to use the self tan towelettes again.
  • Bronzing Powder is used when necessary and is more makeup than a complete self tanner. Women who find themselves in a tight spot and need to cover their pale skin ASAP can use a bronzing powder. Your face will look radiantly tanned in no time, just use a little bit.

The Cardinal Rule Of Self Tanning – Exfoliating Your Skin

You’ve probably heard it before “it doesn’t work”, or “my skin looks streaky and awful.” There is usually a very good reason why some people’s faces turn orange, or why their skin looks blotchy and uneven with streaks. That reason is that they have failed to abide by the cardinal rule of self tanning which is – Exfoliation! You can not use a product right out the box, rub it on your skin and expect good results. It does not work that way and without exfoliating your skin, your home tanning experience will turn awry.

Each and every self tan product above uses DHA or bronzer, these are what colorize your skin, if you neglect to exfoliate your skin then your dead skin cells will remain bumpy, even though your eyes don’t notice it. Exfoliate and shower before using anything whether it is a spray, mousse or gel. You want your skin to be as smooth as possible for an even tan. There is no way around it, you absolutely must exfoliate all your skin including the face.

You shouldn’t feel bad if your first or even second attempt at self tanning turns out wrong. There is a learning curve and what’s most important is that you continue to get better. You will come to the realization that some products will work better than others, there is no right or wrong. We all have different skin tones and it is important to try as many different ways to get the best possible tan. Self tanning has become a part of life for many people, it has become a process that they repeat several times a month. Think of perfecting your technique and when you do, no one will be able to notice that you self tanned yourself.

Tanning Salons

The one thing most people think of when they hear the words tanning salon is that it is a place where people get tanned. While that is entirely true, tanning salons offer an array of services and it’s best to know what to expect. It is a highly competitive industry which aims to not only please customers but to also ensure that they continue to come back. The days of mom and pop tanning salons are fading and now there are highly sophisticated establishments with the latest in hi-tech tanning equipment. Tanning salon franchises such as Planet Beach, Beach Bum, Hollywood Tans, Desert Sun Tanning Studios and Darque Tan to name a few are in major cities. These powerhouses are catering to and enticing tan lovers all over the country. They want your business and each one promises to be the best. But which are the best of the best and which give their customers a satisfying experience and memorable tan?

The answer to that question will depend on the type of tan you prefer and also any extra beauty care you may want. Upscale tanning salons offer more than just tanning, they offer massages, facials, complete skin care packages as well as relaxation services such as saunas. These wellness services compliment their primary goal of giving a person the best tan possible. Your choices in high end salons will include every tanning method whether you prefer tanning beds, spray booths, UV free tanning or the latest high pressure tanning. You can say such salons offer the complete package and you will be hard pressed to leave before or after a tan. Tanning salons have become a retreat for many people who lead hectic lifestyles.

They go to these salons for a lovely tan as well as to relax and to get away from it all. A place to recharge your energy, get beautiful vibrant tan skin, and enjoy getting pampered by methods that use advanced therapeutic devices. Surely you probably read about the tit for tat between the FTC that demonizes indoor tanning and ITA that promotes the industry. Somewhere in the middle is the truth, while true everyday uv tanning of any variation is unhealthy, pampering yourself shouldn’t always be about getting on a tanning bed. There are abundant ways to enjoy, rejuvenate and recharge your vigor when visiting a tanning salon and many of them are sunless.

Tanning Salon Choices

There are more traditional tanning salons as well and these are the ones that only offer tanning services and nothing else. This might very well be the kind of salon you want. Below is a list of the most popular tanning salons in America. We’ll describe what you can expect by visiting each particular franchise.

  • Planet Beach in their own words is a contemporary spa and can be found in many major cities. They do it all, whether you want to relax with massage treatments, get tanned in every way imaginable, or enjoy their hydration and rejuvenation treatments that will bring your skin back to life.
  • Beach Bum tanning is a great place for a tan and a little TLC if you live in the Northeast. They give their customers great customized UV and sunless tans using the best equipment. They’ll even tend to your beauty needs whether it’s airbrush makeup or packages that use their Omnilux Light Therapy.
  • Desert Sun tanning salons are spread across on the west coast and specialize in tanning and skin care. They offer monthly and annual memberships, but if you simply want to get tanned in one of their advanced tanning beds, then just pay them a visit.
  • Hollywood Tans the name says it all, if you want to have a fabulous celebrity tan then that won’t be a problem with their tanetics options. You can customize the tan that you want with their tan adviser. You also don’t have to live in Hollywood to get their great tans because they have tanning salons in practically every state.
  • Darque Tan the luxury in tanning, their ads read. They have personal consultants to help you decide on the type and shade of tan you want. They also have a children’s area so parents can enjoy getting tanned while their kids are in the Kids Zone. It’s a tanning salon that offers convenience and their monthly pricing schemes are reasonable and attractive.

There are more tanning centers and there might be some pretty good ones in your own neighborhood. The ones we listed are franchises that have developed a good reputation for giving their customers a good and professional tan. More importantly they are well maintained and keep their equipment nice and clean. You will eventually understand that comfort, satisfaction and prices are what is most important and as a paying customer you should be satisfied. A tanning salon that fails in making their clients feel comfortable or offers poor service should be avoided. These businesses are competing for your attention so make sure to patronize the tanning salon that makes you happy.

Spray Tan

Sun tanning has been receiving a lot of negative press and is blamed for melanoma and other skin ailments. This has driven people to sunless fake tans, a safer alternative to tanning the skin. Spray tanning was once relegated to tanning salons and applied either by an airbrush or inside a booth. Now however there are many products that you can use to apply a spray tan in your own home. These products range from simple mists sold in aerosol cans to more elaborate kits that come with an airbrush, compressor and tanning solution.

Spray tanning has developed so well that you can decide on the shade of skin you want, whether it’s bronze or a fashionable reddish skin tone. Achieving a sunless tan all starts with dihydroxyacetone an ingredient commonly called DHA. First introduced in the 1960s by Coppertone, DHA has come a long way since then. It is much more effective today and doesn’t have the negative after effects such as orange skin streaking that plagued it when it was first introduced. DHA is also approved by the FDA and spray tanning is marketed as a safe way to looking tanned without actually getting a tan.

spraytan1The most convenient way to get a spray tan initially is to take a visit to a tanning salon, and you will be offered a tan by airbrush or booth. They are both effective but the airbrush technique is more personal and more detailed. While inside a booth your entire body from face to toes will be sprayed by a mist, usually with a solution that darkens your skin to the level you want. An airbrush is applied by a technician who will focus more on your body giving you a more complete and even tan. Either way your body will essentially be painted with a solution that will darken your dead skin cells. Some steps should be taken to ensure that your spray tan does not rub off or wear out prematurely.

Before and After Steps to Spectacular Spay Tan

  • Make sure that you have showered and dried several hours before applying a spray tan. This will get rid of any dirt that might prevent parts of your skin from darkening.
  • Do not use any makeup, perfume, cologne or any other cosmetics because the chemicals inside of them may interfere with the tanning solution.
  • Wear protective eye goggles to protect your eyes from the mist. Preventing the mist from entering your eyes and mouth is safer for you. The mist is safe when applied to your skin but can be harmful if it comes into contact with your eyes.
  • Wear very loose clothing after your spray tan session. Tight clothing will cause too much friction with your skin and you can possibly ruin your tan by rubbing out the color.
  • Remain inactive after you tan, you want the color to stabilize and stick to your skin. Excessive activity before the tan settles on your skin and might cause it to wear out.
  • Use natural skin moisturizer after your tan settles the following day, do so after washing your body but avoid moisturizers that have chemicals as they can negatively interact with your tan. Exfoliating products should be avoided because the DHA essentially colors your dead skin, and prematurely removing dead skin will make your tan fade.

A spray tan is an alternative to a sun tan and sunbeds but because it is fake you have to treat it differently from UV induced tans. You’ll come out with a perfect tan at an airbrush tanning salon, but with a little effort you can master using a self tanning spray and get just as great of a result.

Fake Tan

It’s gloomy it’s dark and the sun is nowhere in sight but despite this fact you want beautiful bronze skin to make you feel and look good. You contemplate visiting a salon and using a tanning bed but you’re worried about the negative effects of UV light, especially wrinkles and even worse, skin cancer. This is one scenario that leads both men and women to a fake tan. A sunless tan can be very accommodating to people who want darker skin but fear effects of tanning whether it’s indoor UV light or sunbathing under the hot sun. Luckily there are products that can give you a sunless tan without you even stepping one foot out of your home. It’s all entirely cosmetic but considering the health ramifications of ultraviolet light exposure, fake might be justifiable and even excusable. The key to a perfect fake tan is knowing what method will give you the best result, a result that will resemble a natural suntan.
The biggest knock on fake tanning is sometimes the results leave a lot to be desired. This criticism is due to undesirable coloring such as appearing more orange than actually tanned. It can even be a nightmare if you have a special engagement planned, only to look in the mirror and your facial tan looks awful. You can avoid this predicament by following a few simple tips that will help you get the best fake tan possible.

First Fake Tan Maybe Better At A Salon

The first time should be done by professionals, or people who know what they are doing. This will most likely be in a tanning salon. It is important to see firsthand how a fake tan is applied and also to experience the different methods and products. Seeing how the fake tan turns out will give you insight on what you can expect if you did it yourself. Ask as many questions as you feel are necessary to help you decide on a method and product. Your choices will include – airbrush tanning, tanning booth or application of self tanner product.

  • Airbrush tanning will consist of an aesthetician spraying your entire body with a mist using a spray gun. This is as good as it gets because it is a personalized tanning session that will cover every area of your body.
  • Spray on tan booth is the cheaper alternative to an airbrush and most people are generally satisfied with the results.
  • Self Tanner products are applied by a tanning technician who will offer you a choice of spray, lotion, gel or cream. Paying close attention to how it is applied on your skin is important because you can get a similar product if you like, and apply it yourself on your skin.

DIY Fake Tan At Home

Fake Bake FlawlessYou enjoy fake tans so much but the cost of getting them at salons is adding up. The solution to this dilemma is simple, and that is to get a self tanner lotion and apply it on your face and skin in your own home. By now you have gained a little experience watching how professional tanning experts apply fake tans on their clients. It is not as hard as you might think but like everything else preparation is important to your fake tan turning out good. Using self tanner on the face and different parts of the body will require different techniques. Regardless of what you use, it is important that you wash your hands after each and every use. This applies after you have tanned each part of your body. You can also undo mistakes by quickly using a damp towel to rub out the bronzer or tint, you will usually have a few minutes before it sets in. Showering and exfoliating the skin before using a sunless lotion or gel should also be done because DHA the ingredient that darkens your color, actually darkens your dead skin. Having excessive layers of dead skin will do two things, first it will make your tan streaky and uneven, and will also make your tan fade quicker.

Legs and Ankles

Starting with legs is a good habit because it is a buildup to the most important area and that’s the face, which is the most detailed aspect of any fake tan. The legs also need focus and the best way to approach them is to squeeze a spoonful of fake tan lotion on the palm of one hand. Using the other hand take a little from the lotion and apply it on your legs, starting with the smoothest part first. Make sure you avoid the ankles and the knees. Rub the lotion on like you would any moisturizer, and after you have finished rubbing it on your legs, gently glaze your palm over your ankle with the slightest touch. The ankles like the knees have thicker layers of skin and applying a self tanner on them like you would other parts of your body will make them darker than they should be.

Thighs and Knees

Just as you have applied the fake tan lotion on your legs and ankles, do the same thing to your thighs and knees. First begin with the thighs and then after you have massaged the lotion nicely on your thighs and inner thighs proceed to slightly apply your balm over your knees.


The hands can be a very difficult part of the body to use a fake tan product on, but this little tip should help you. While your thighs are still moist with the lotion gently rub the upper side of your right hand inside your right inner thigh. Likewise do this same step to the left hand. Hands are darker than other parts of the body and the little lotion will usually be enough.

Hips, Abs, Torso, Back and Neck

Approach these parts of the body separately. You can begin by putting a tablespoon amount on your palm and then rubbing with the other hand each side of your hips. You may need more or less cream, use your own judgment, and remember practice makes perfect. The same approach should be used for the abs, back and torso. Having someone help you rub it on your back will be more convenient, so ask someone to do that part of the body for you.


The face is where any flaws will be obvious so be extra careful and don’t use too dark of a fake tan product if you have fair skin. Whatever tint or shade you decide on, make sure that it is face based. Fake tan lotions for the face are formulated differently than ones for the body. They are formulated to be less irritant. The method to fake tanning the face should begin with a teaspoon amount of lotion gel. Using only that amount, take some of the gel from your hand and apply a small dab to your forehead and on both sides of your cheeks. Whatever little is left on your palm apply that to the bridge of your nose.

Starting with the right side of your face, begin by rubbing from your cheek to the bottom of your eyes, avoiding the eyelid. Work your way down to your chin and then to your ear and also cover the right side of your nose. Repeat the same process on the left side of your face, and then also your entire nose including both left and right side. Your jawline and your entire chin should at this point be rubbed. Once you have finished that proceed to your forehead and rub downwards towards your temples, also rub the top of your forehead and then down towards the eyes and nose.

Sunless tanning is safe but you’ll come to the conclusion that a fake tan can never really be quite perfect at first. But with some practice, preparation and experience your fake tans will start to look better and better. Trying various bronzers, lotions, creams or even sprays will also eventually lead you to a product that will work best for you and your skin.

Airbrush Tanning

Sunless tans are on the rise and an ever increasing number of tanning salons are offering airbrush tanning services. This is in addition to specialty airbrush tan salons that are propping up catering exclusively to people who only want a spray or airbrush tan. What’s the fuss, what’s so great about a tan that literally coats the body with some liquid mist solution? Seeing is believing, only with airbrush tans seldom will anyone distinguish them from UV light tans. The impeccable detail and flawless perfection is what you can come to expect provided you were sprayed by genuinely skilled tanning aestheticians.

Airbrush Tanning Salons

airbrushtanning2Airbrush tanning is the epitome of fake tans. It is the embodiment of tan perfection, an elusive perfection if the airbrush artist doesn’t have the touch. Never have we seen such a wide variation of results like we have with airbrush tans. Some results we can just gawk at, others, we can only shake our heads in disapproval. You can certainly help your own cause by appearing at your scheduled appointment with clean and exfoliated skin. That is expected of you, the rest is up to the airbrush aesthetician, the type of tanning solution and equipment used to spray your body.
The equipment, mist and skill level will all have affect on the charges and fees. Cities in the Mid West charge around 30 bucks, major cities on both coasts charge between fifty to eighty dollars for a full body tan. The fees are roughly half that for half body tan, which can either be the legs or the upper body, including face.

Airbrush Tanning At Home

Alternatively you can also get your own airbrush tanning system and with the help of a friend do it yourself at home. This is not advisable for anyone who doesn’t know their way around an airbrush. But you have to start somewhere and a starter system should be within reach budget-wise.

The Health Ramifications Of Airbrush Tans

We know how brilliant and bronze an airbrush tan can make your skin look, but the greatest merit isn’t about aesthetics. The reward of airbrush mist tanning is healthier skin because by avoiding the sun or a tanning bed your skin is not affected by UV radiation. Yes there is more maintenance associated with sunless tans but looking at the bigger picture, it is very reasonable.
It is becoming to the point where airbrush tanning will have even greater prominence in tanning salons. It is the healthier way to tan, and smart businesses will do everything they can to accommodate the influx of people looking to airbrush tan their bodies.