Airbrush Tanning

Sunless tans are on the rise and an ever increasing number of tanning salons are offering airbrush tanning services. This is in addition to specialty airbrush tan salons that are propping up catering exclusively to people who only want a spray or airbrush tan. What’s the fuss, what’s so great about a tan that literally coats the body with some liquid mist solution? Seeing is believing, only with airbrush tans seldom will anyone distinguish them from UV light tans. The impeccable detail and flawless perfection is what you can come to expect provided you were sprayed by genuinely skilled tanning aestheticians.

Airbrush Tanning Salons

airbrushtanning2Airbrush tanning is the epitome of fake tans. It is the embodiment of tan perfection, an elusive perfection if the airbrush artist doesn’t have the touch. Never have we seen such a wide variation of results like we have with airbrush tans. Some results we can just gawk at, others, we can only shake our heads in disapproval. You can certainly help your own cause by appearing at your scheduled appointment with clean and exfoliated skin. That is expected of you, the rest is up to the airbrush aesthetician, the type of tanning solution and equipment used to spray your body.
The equipment, mist and skill level will all have affect on the charges and fees. Cities in the Mid West charge around 30 bucks, major cities on both coasts charge between fifty to eighty dollars for a full body tan. The fees are roughly half that for half body tan, which can either be the legs or the upper body, including face.

Airbrush Tanning At Home

Alternatively you can also get your own airbrush tanning system and with the help of a friend do it yourself at home. This is not advisable for anyone who doesn’t know their way around an airbrush. But you have to start somewhere and a starter system should be within reach budget-wise.

The Health Ramifications Of Airbrush Tans

We know how brilliant and bronze an airbrush tan can make your skin look, but the greatest merit isn’t about aesthetics. The reward of airbrush mist tanning is healthier skin because by avoiding the sun or a tanning bed your skin is not affected by UV radiation. Yes there is more maintenance associated with sunless tans but looking at the bigger picture, it is very reasonable.
It is becoming to the point where airbrush tanning will have even greater prominence in tanning salons. It is the healthier way to tan, and smart businesses will do everything they can to accommodate the influx of people looking to airbrush tan their bodies.

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