Planet Beach Tanning Salon

There are tanning salons and there is Planet Beach. It’s a hybrid between a spa and a tanning salon, a place to tan and a place to make your face and body look more beautiful. You might have reservations about visiting such a place when all you want is a tan. Give them one visit and judge for yourself, you will leave feeling more beautiful, and feeling much better about yourself. Their prices are affordable and that should further convince you try them out. Think about it you can get a great tan and also reinvigorate your body. Planet Beach is a treat and any person will be all smiles after enjoying the many treatments that they offer.

What’s Unique About Planet Beach Tanning

Planet Beach Tanning prides itself in a service that makes customers relax, glow and also renews them. It’s the total package aimed at pleasing customers completely. The ‘relax’ service consists of massage equipment that revitalizes the body. The relax services uses – hydro massaging, oxygen therapy, cyber relax chair, aqua massage, therasage and SpaTempo. This service can be a prelude to getting what a customer usually goes to a tanning salon for, and that is a magnificent tan. This is where the “glow” service that is fully automated uses the latest tanning equipment to give customers a memorable bronze tan. You can use a high pressure tanning bed, sunless spray booth, and even a standing tanning bed. The great thing is doesn’t stop there and it’s not called a contempo spa for nothing. Their renew service focuses on revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin. It provides everything from luminous facials to cleaning and exfoliating your skin. Planet beach tanning salon is a place that is much more than just a tanning salon it is a tanning salon/spa and you’ll be treated with their friendly and effective services.

Planet Beach Prices

New customers are invited to check out planet beach tanning with a free day at the spa pass. This guest pass will allow you to see the tanning salon first hand and you’ll be impressed enough that you’ll want to join. You might even want to think about taking them up on their membership offers. Tanning salon prices vary greatly and would be due to Planet Beach Tanning being located in many states, cities and even internationally. Pay them a visit and inquire about their costs.

Many Locations

Planet Beach Tanning Salons are located in many states throughout the USA. Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, California, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, North Carolina, Arizona are just a few of the states that their franchises are located.

A Great Tanning Salon/Spa

There are days when we just want to feel pampered, Planet Beach will not only make you feel relaxed they will send you home looking great. It’s a type of place to enjoy fully, so set some free time and visit them for a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Customers often return and it’s not a surprise because Planet Beach is so good that you might just get hooked to their tanning salons, which would be enjoyable.

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